06 March 2007 @ 11:18 pm
After a two-month hiatus I've put some new photos up, of Timothy's 8th birthday party. We hired a local company to come to our house and do a reptile show, which seemed to go over well with the boys.

My new computer and new version of photoshop have left me unconfident of the color calibration on the photos, though. I ended up calibrating the monitor merely by going with the built-in calibration and setting gamma to 2.2, since that made various internet test charts look closer than I was getting with more sophisticated calibration procedures. And after some effort I've figured out how to get Photoshop, Preview, and Safari to all agree with each other on what my images look like, an essential first step in getting consistent color for my photos. But everything's slightly more washed out and desaturated when I view it in Camino; other people's images, too, not just mine.

One of the things I discovered I needed for consistent cross-application color was to embed a color profile tagging my jpeg files as sRGB. My older images, which are untagged, are still coming out consistently washed out and desaturated in Safari as well as Camino. So I suspect what's happening in Camino is that it's stripping the color profile information before it passes the image to the OS display routines, and that the OS on this machine, if it sees untagged color, just sends it straight to the monitor without conversion rather than as in previous versions assuming sRGB. If so, I may have to switch to Safari for my more serious web photography as well as going back and adding profiles to all my old images (fortunately easy with exiftool).

On the other hand, maybe I will hear back that my new images are seriously blackened, that my color calibration is all screwed up, and that I will have to process this batch of photos over again after completely redoing my color setup.