0xDE (11011110) wrote,

The takedown madness spreads

I first learned a couple days ago (via Jukka Suomela on Google+) that Elsevier has started sending takedown notices to individual researchers and the universities that employ them for putting copies of journal articles on their websites. Now I learn that the madness has spread to my own university (and to Harvard). Presumably, the issue is that the copies that the researchers put up were the final published journal versions, but still.

Free access to my works is much more important to me than their imprimatur. If I wasn't already boycotting Elsevier, this would certainly be enough by itself to make me want to. By this move, Elsevier has shown that it views itself only as a predator of, and not a part of, the academic research community.

In computational geometry, we're still supporting an Elsevier journal, Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, by having officially endorsed special issues in it for conferences including SoCG and CCCG. I think it's time to stop doing that.
Tags: academia, open access
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