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Relational events vs graphs

I suppose I should say something about my paper, "Windows into Relational Events: Data Structures for Contiguous Subsequences of Edges" (with Michael Bannister, Chris DuBois, and Padhraic Smyth), which has been accepted at SODA and just appeared online as arXiv:1209.5791.

The point of the paper is to look at data sets consisting of (directed or undirected) edges connecting pairs of vertices drawn from some vertex set, with timestamps on the edges. For example, edits to Wikipedia can be modeled in this way: the vertices are editors and Wikipedia articles, and each edge represents an edit made at some time by some editor to some article. This kind of data set has been studied in social network analysis for quite some time under several names; in the name we use, "relational events", the "relational" part refers to the pair of vertices and the "event" part refers to the timestamps.

You might think that such a thing is a graph, but it's really not. Read more...Collapse )
Tags: data structures, graph algorithms, papers, social networks, wikipedia
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