0xDE (11011110) wrote,

3d modeling tools

I'm curious, what do other people use to make 3d illustrations? For the one below, I started with a whiteboard sketch (legible to me but probably not to anyone else). I then tried Blender, but got stuck in the first tutorial video when it started telling me I couldn't do anything without a middle mouse button and a numeric keypad. I tried SketchUp, but it doesn't have first-class sphere objects, I couldn't see how to position and size things precisely, and it was just too painful trying to position them approximately where I wanted by hand. I finally ended up going back to POV-Ray (or actually MegaPOV), which I'd used several times before and has a nice text-based format for specifying geometry rather than forcing me to use a GUI. Am I just a Luddite? Is there a better way?

Tags: tools
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