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Blogging while untenured

I've seen advice floating around the net on several occasions regarding the risks of untenured academics (whose youth makes them more likely to be into recent technologies such as card readers paper tape line printers crt terminals graphical user interfaces social networking software) using said software to blog under their own names.

Quotes like the following are typical: “pretenured professors should be aware of the risks of blogging and develop strategies to avoid or mitigate the pitfalls of blogging without a tenure net.”

I had thought that this was primarily about not arousing the suspicion of the old fogies more senior faculty who will be deciding hiring and tenure decisions but don't know about or care about blogging, and that the math/CS blogs are in general innocuous and technical enough that anyone who reads them would find them mostly harmless (physics is another story). But after seeing a few recent exchanges (which I will not link to) I'm starting to think that the dangers are real...

Which is to say: if you aren't getting comments on your posts suggesting that you are coming across in an unflattering light, this post isn't aimed at you, but if you are, it might be worthwhile paying attention to them.

ETA: An interesting related post.
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